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We have one of the most comprehensive and versatile selections of advanced square shoulder milling cutters on the market today. So, no matter the workpiece material, depth of cut or tolerance requirement, we have a solution that can optimize your operations, boost your profitability and keep you competitive.

With Seco exchangeable head cutters, significant cost savings are achieved through the ability to replace worn inserts rather than an entire tool. The use of a highly secure cutter/shank interface ensures stable performance in both roughing and semi-finishing operations. Additionally, the ability to use multiple inserts allows for increased flexibility to minimize tooling inventory.

Seco’s comprehensive portfolio of solid carbide and HSS-Co end mills can overcome many of the challenges you face. Geometries, grades and coatings are available to optimize the cutting of any workpiece material, from aluminum to exotic alloys to stacked composites.
Whether you need a flexible tool that offers productive performance across a range of conditions or a dedicated tool to maximize productivity in a very specific application, you can find the solution in Seco’s range of solid end mills.



Seco’s incredibly diverse ranges of holders and inserts for general turning allow us to provide ideal solutions to your specific applications. Whatever your material, set up, part requirements and machine capabilities, our expansive selection ensures a perfect match to your needs.

No matter the material, component size, surface finish or accuracy requirement, we have a grooving or parting-off solution that can enhance your productivity and profitability – from flexible products that work across a variety of part types to dedicated tools that solve unique challenges.

PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) This advanced material comes as a result of sintering micron cBN powders with various ceramic binders to create extremely hard and thermally stable cutting tools. Within this category, we have a wide variety of grades specifically developed for machining hardened steel, pearlitic cast iron, hard iron and superalloys.

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) This advanced material has a level of hardness that is comparable to natural diamond. Within this category, we have several tools that can handle both hard and tough materials as well as plastics, graphite, copper and brass.

Ceramics The high-speed capabilities of this advanced material result in metal removal rates that are four to eight times greater than carbide. Within this category, we have grades that offer optimized wear resistance and toughness in the machining of nickel-based heat-resistant superalloys.


Hole Making

Seco has a full range of drilling products, including solid carbide drills, exchangeable tip drills and indexable insert drills. This wide portfolio of products provides solutions for all applications and workpiece materials across all industry segments, including automotive, energy, medical and more.
With optimized coatings, tip geometries and insert designs, Seco drills create high quality holes with high productivity.
Diameter range 0.1 – 160 mm (.004 – 6.299 inch) with hole tolerances from IT7 to IT12.

Boring requires use of the right tool to achieve the desired hole characteristics of position accuracy, hole geometry and surface finish. Our extensive line of boring heads and bridge bars gives you right solution for your particular holemaking applications.
We offer one-stop shopping for all your boring needs:

  • 1 Rough boring heads
  • 2 Axial and radial fine boring heads
  • 3 Bridge bars and Jumbo bridge bars for large diameter boring
  • 4 Vibration damping boring solutions

And when our standard boring product range meets its limits, we also offer custom boring solutions to meet your difficult machining challenges.

Our broad selection of high quality, easy-to-use reamers are perfect for advanced machining and large batch production.
These holemaking products range from 3 – 154.5 mm in diameter and feature optimized cutting grades and geometries for achieving high productivity in all workpiece materials.



Our comprehensive selection of thread turning solutions for internal and external applications make it possible to produce high-quality threads in all sizes and profiles. From direct-pressed single-point inserts to innovative toolholders to intuitive software, we have everything you need to increase your productivity and profits.
To help take the guesswork out of threading operations, our Thread Turning Wizard software eliminates complicated programs and calculations. Requiring minimal input, the Wizard selects the best holder and insert for the application, identifies the best operating parameters and then downloads the information to the machine tool’s CNC.

Thread milling is a versatile, cost-effective process for anyone cutting a variety of threads, parts and workpiece materials on the same machine. Our solid carbide thread mills, multi-tooth indexable insert cutters and Threading Wizard software make it easy to adopt this process and produce high-quality threads with excellent form and finish.
In general, thread milling generates superior burr-free surface finishes and reduces tool inventory costs. Shops can use the same tool for both left and right-hand threads as well as for different thread tolerances. A broad range of materials and hole diameters can also be thread milled with the same tool. Unlike tapping, threads produced through milling can be machined to full depth at high accuracy, even in hardened materials.
Threading Wizard
This software takes the guesswork out of thread milling operations by eliminating calculations and simplifying the programming process. With minimal data input, the software selects the right tool for the job, identifies the best operating parameters and then downloads the information to the CNC.

With over 800 unique products, Seco’s range of threading taps covers a broad range of ISO P, M, N and K materials. Including straight-flute, spiral helix, helix point and form-type taps, this family incorporates specially engineered coatings that boost performance, lengthen tool life and maximize versatility. Tap are available for all common thread sizes and pitches and can produce blind and through holes.


Tooling Systems

Seco range of rotating holders allow you to get the most out of both your machine and tool by offering a comprehensive array of solutions to connect them. This diverse portfolio includes Steadyline® tooling with built-in vibration damping. The range covers all standard workpiece side connections, as well Seco’s unique connections. Machine side connections are included for most of the norms, including HSK-A-E-T, DIN, BT, ANSI, PSC (Seco-Capto) and Cylindrical.

Seco offers a comprehensive product range of stationary adapters that can be used in horizontal or vertical lathes, machining centers and sliding-head and multi-tasking machines. These products can be used in spindles, turrets, sub-spindles and half-turrets.

Seco offers a wide variety of operating accessories to ensure you get the most out of your tooling systems.

Seco’s range of setting accessories allow you to quickly and correctly set tools to ensure your application benefits from the full accuracy capabilities of your tooling and holder.

Our range of Shinkfit devices can meet the needs of any manufacturer, offering fast performance and incredibly reliable precision. These systems incorporate automatic heating cycles and efficient cooling cycles that use forced air or water cooling bells. Additionally, the use of stop rods for height setting further ensures stability, reliability and accuracy.

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